Eight Things I Miss During Covid-19

I miss the simplest things during lockdown.

1. Cappuccino made by someone other than myself.

2. Seeing beauty every day.

3. Going out for pizza

4. Poking around wonderful Roman stores.

5. People watching.

6. Walking everywhere.

7. The Pantheon

8. The warmth of my favorite city.

I hope you are all well. We will be back to walking, shopping, celebrating with each other, and enjoying a cappuccino in a bar!

Take care of yourselves.


Pantheon a true masterpiece

If you only stop into one church in Rome make it the Pantheon! it is just incredible!


  • The current Pantheon is the third one built on this site. The first was built in 27 BC by Marcus Agrippa but later burned down, the second built by Emperor Domition was struck by lightning the current version was built by Hadrian in 118-128 AD.
  • The Pantheon dome is an architectural marvel. It was the biggest dome in the world for 1300 years, and still remains the largest dome in the world that is not reinforced. This was achieved this by using lighter and less thick material as it got higher. Originally the dome was covered in bronze, this was removed to build part of the Vatican. Romans were into recycling well before the rest of the world!
  • In keeping with the classical rules of architecture, the height of the building is exactly the same as the width.
  • The Oculus is the opening in the center of the dome, at one point this was the only light source in the building.
  • The pure bronze double doors are 21 feet high and weigh 20 tons each. At one point the were covered in gold!
  • The columns at the entrance were quarried in Egypt and brought by boat and barge to Rome. Each on weighs and incredible 60 tons. Imagine the strength and engineering that it took to build this master piece.
  • The Pantheon still serves as a church today and is one of the oldest continuously used places of worship in Rome.

Are you ready to join us? Come discover history by walking the streets of Rome with us!


Explore history by walking the streets of Rome

It is not a secret that my soul lives in the eternal city. This magnificent place has so much to offer visitors. If you are a lover of history and beauty this is the city for you.

I always tell people there are wonderful tour guides in Rome, but you do not need a guide to see this city, you just need a comfortable pair of shoes. Rome is a very walk-able city. If you get lost, and you will, I promise you will discover something magical which you would have missed otherwise.

I found this lovely fountain when I was on a walk with no destination. With an iPhone and a few euros you have enough to entertain yourself for the entire day.

Come and see Rome for yourself. A long day of walking is the best way to open your horizons and see life in a new way.

If you are one of the lucky ones it will get inside you and change you forever. It is a city that speaks to those who listen, look and love…and those who think it is a dirty crowded city are not open to receiving its gifts.

Photos by Liz Donnelly

Warm tones of Rome

One of the things you notice first about the eternal city is that it glows. There is a wonderful light in this city, and the yellow and orange tones of the buildings soak it in. The city is bathed in sunlight even on a dreary day or at night! The warm tones also convey the history of this incredible city. To me the warn feeling of the buildings is welcoming and comfortable, we are old but we are loved. Architecture here is perfectly imperfect!

Beautiful little area near the Trevi fountain
The Capital Buildings
Day view of the Colosseum
The night view it is hauntingly beautiful.
What inspiring colors!!!
I love this building it is typical of Rome, beautiful windows and shutters. The second floor has a lovely arch detail…ahh this city is amazing!
The greenery is magnificent but so it the round accent on the top floor.

The colors of the sun set the tone of this city, warmth is everywhere. Come experience it for yourself!


Locally sourced food is the Roman way

The Roman food philosophy is based on locally produced, environmentally friendly, fairly priced items. The idea is to buy locally pay a fair wage to the farmers, and sell for a reasonable price.

The coffee is incredible in Rome! A few things to know 1. It is frowned upon to order a cappuccino after 12pm Italians feel it hurts digestion. 2. Take away coffee is very rare.
Coffee is even available from a vending machine.
This is from the famous La Casa Del Caffe Al Pantheon founded in 1946.

There are plenty of touristy overpriced food options in Rome but I suggest you do some research and look for a true Roman experience.

There are lots of wonderful restaurants & markets. I highly recommend Eataly (Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492 Roma) for a fun grocery shopping experience and Hostaria I Clementini (via di S Giovanni in Laterano 106).

This is from a little farm stand that is in my neighborhood. Everything is perfect here.
There is such pride in food in this country, they understand the importance of a good meal shared with great people.
I love the smell of roasting chestnuts. It brings me such joy.

There is so much to love about this magical city and its local food and wine culture. Food is one of the things that bring me pleasure and cooking with the freshest possible items makes even the simplest of dishes unforgettable.

If you are a true foodie you can book a food tour. The Roman Food Tour http://www.foodtourrome.com, You can also find fun tours through eatingeurope.com, The best by far is Elizabeth Minchilli http://www.elizabethminchilli.com she has written several books and I recommend her app Eat Italy, it is very helpful. Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy seeing Rome through my eyes. Best, XO Celia

Shopping in Rome

There is shopping for everyone one in this city! There are of course the big names Fendi, Channel, Gucci and Louis. If you are interested in high end shopping then Rome will not disappoint you. Head to the Piazza di Spangna (the Spanish Steps) and turn away from the steps on the other side you will see all the big name shops.

Look at this horse and carriage waiting to take shoppers to their next stop!
Fashion still begins in Italy and France and comes to us in the US. I love this picture of the two windows with a lovely apartment door between them.

I prefer the little hidden gems that live on the side streets of Rome. Small family owned stores where they still wrap each items as if it is being presented to royalty.

Naturally there is a great deal of shopping to be done in this grand city. I love the little specialty shops where you are buying from the owner. I love the connection between shop keeper and customer.
Everything is thoughtfully displayed in the smaller shops.
The hunt for something you did not know you needed but now can’t live without is part of the fun!
These music boxes are a wonderful example of Rome shopping at is best. They are all hand made and the move to the music. The woman who made them has died so there are only a few left, and that is why I love Rome’s shops!
There are plenty of places to get a wax stamp in the Eternal City this is an ideal gift for the friend who has everything.
Pinocchio the famous lying marionette is Italian, and you see beautiful hand carved Pinocchio toys, and other wooded toys all over Italy. This is a little store near the Pantheon.
These miniatures fill the window of a lovely store near on the Piazza Navona.

My advice for shopping is go down the little streets and explore the tiny stores that are full of incredible treasures. You will meet interesting people and feel good about your purchases.

Stay healthy everyone! COVID-19 is keeping all of us home, but we will be back and traveling & touring!


Angeli di roma

I have always been drawn to Angels, I find comfort in them. According to the dictionary Angels are “spiritual beings believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of god, represented in human form with wings and a long robe.” Rome is full of Angels. Here are some of my favorites.

Angels bring healing, protection, light of God, and communicate with heaven to those of us in need on earth.
This Archangel Michael painting can be seen at the church Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini.
This is a beautiful representation of an Angel.
Bridge of Angels
One of my favorite places in Rome!
There are plenty of Angels at the Vatican, this is a wonderful place to see art.
Angel of grief

Angels are everywhere you just have to look for them! This city is the perfect place to search for Angels.