Shopping in Rome

There is shopping for everyone one in this city! There are of course the big names Fendi, Channel, Gucci and Louis. If you are interested in high end shopping then Rome will not disappoint you. Head to the Piazza di Spangna (the Spanish Steps) and turn away from the steps on the other side you will see all the big name shops.

Look at this horse and carriage waiting to take shoppers to their next stop!
Fashion still begins in Italy and France and comes to us in the US. I love this picture of the two windows with a lovely apartment door between them.

I prefer the little hidden gems that live on the side streets of Rome. Small family owned stores where they still wrap each items as if it is being presented to royalty.

Naturally there is a great deal of shopping to be done in this grand city. I love the little specialty shops where you are buying from the owner. I love the connection between shop keeper and customer.
Everything is thoughtfully displayed in the smaller shops.
The hunt for something you did not know you needed but now can’t live without is part of the fun!
These music boxes are a wonderful example of Rome shopping at is best. They are all hand made and the move to the music. The woman who made them has died so there are only a few left, and that is why I love Rome’s shops!
There are plenty of places to get a wax stamp in the Eternal City this is an ideal gift for the friend who has everything.
Pinocchio the famous lying marionette is Italian, and you see beautiful hand carved Pinocchio toys, and other wooded toys all over Italy. This is a little store near the Pantheon.
These miniatures fill the window of a lovely store near on the Piazza Navona.

My advice for shopping is go down the little streets and explore the tiny stores that are full of incredible treasures. You will meet interesting people and feel good about your purchases.

Stay healthy everyone! COVID-19 is keeping all of us home, but we will be back and traveling & touring!