Eight Things I Miss During Covid-19

I miss the simplest things during lockdown.

1. Cappuccino made by someone other than myself.

2. Seeing beauty every day.

3. Going out for pizza

4. Poking around wonderful Roman stores.

5. People watching.

6. Walking everywhere.

7. The Pantheon

8. The warmth of my favorite city.

I hope you are all well. We will be back to walking, shopping, celebrating with each other, and enjoying a cappuccino in a bar!

Take care of yourselves.


Locally sourced food is the Roman way

The Roman food philosophy is based on locally produced, environmentally friendly, fairly priced items. The idea is to buy locally pay a fair wage to the farmers, and sell for a reasonable price.

The coffee is incredible in Rome! A few things to know 1. It is frowned upon to order a cappuccino after 12pm Italians feel it hurts digestion. 2. Take away coffee is very rare.
Coffee is even available from a vending machine.
This is from the famous La Casa Del Caffe Al Pantheon founded in 1946.

There are plenty of touristy overpriced food options in Rome but I suggest you do some research and look for a true Roman experience.

There are lots of wonderful restaurants & markets. I highly recommend Eataly (Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492 Roma) for a fun grocery shopping experience and Hostaria I Clementini (via di S Giovanni in Laterano 106).

This is from a little farm stand that is in my neighborhood. Everything is perfect here.
There is such pride in food in this country, they understand the importance of a good meal shared with great people.
I love the smell of roasting chestnuts. It brings me such joy.

There is so much to love about this magical city and its local food and wine culture. Food is one of the things that bring me pleasure and cooking with the freshest possible items makes even the simplest of dishes unforgettable.

If you are a true foodie you can book a food tour. The Roman Food Tour http://www.foodtourrome.com, You can also find fun tours through eatingeurope.com, The best by far is Elizabeth Minchilli http://www.elizabethminchilli.com she has written several books and I recommend her app Eat Italy, it is very helpful. Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy seeing Rome through my eyes. Best, XO Celia